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Excubator is a start-up incubator and an innovation advisor to global enterprises. In the past two years, Excubator has mentored over 2,500 startups, many of who have gone on to build successful startups. Based in Bangalore (India), Excubator has worked with startups from all over the world, including many from the United States of America, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and Japan. Excubator's startups are supported by its partnerships with large technology organizations such as Google, Intel, MediaTek and Amazon, and its relations with key VC firms gives startups a great platform to present themselves.

Network of 50+ people

Network of 50+ mentors.

Portfolio of 10+ companies.

2500+ startups mentored.

200 Crore+ assets under management..

A network of 100+ investors.

40+ Startups meet every month.

20+ alliance partners.